Filthy. Sweaty. Hard.  Five Dollar Justice are mostly known for their rowdy stage appearances, and straight-forward attitude to their specific brand of hard rock. It’s not art, it’s entertainment. Success is mainly measured in the number of shots served by the bartenders at the venue.

Formed in the beginning of 2013 around a core of guys who’d played together for years without any great aspirations. That changed though. With the addition of a new guitarist, a new drummer and – eventually – new bass player, the band was on a path of creation.

The music is loud and heavy and inspired by Rock ‘n’ Roll legends and history. The Justice doesn’t cater to any specific source of inspiration, though. They just play it hard, loud and filthy as fuck!

Thomas Wittenburg – Vocals
Jan Yeoman – Guitar
Kristian Ehlers – Guitar
Christian Ørting Therkelsen – Drums
Daniel Gleerup Christiansen – Bass