Filth – New EP from Five Dollar Justice

Rock should be experienced in tiny bars, so sweaty it’s impossible to tell if it’s condensation or water art running down the walls. Rooms without any positive acoustic traits, where the floors are covered in beer and the bartender knows your name

A place where you stand so close to the stage that you are in constant danger of being struck down by the guitarist’s overly aggressive movements. A stage from which every bassline tries to squeeze every last particle of air from your lungs and the guitar constantly threatens to tear your soul apart. Where the drums herald the day of Judgment, and the vocals remind you to empty your glass and live before your time runs out.

On that stage, you’ll see Five Dollar Justice.

When the new EP, Filth, hits the street it will be nearly four years since the band’s first release, Broken Hearts & Bottles. The meantime was spent playing more bars, with bigger riffs, and turning up the bass.

The drums on the EP were recorded in Death Island Studio with Marco Angioni controlling the buttons. The rest was recorded in the group’s own studio, and the whole thing mixed and mastered by Australian hard rock and metal veteran Jason Fuller (Goatsound).

Filth is released on all digital platforms on August 30, 2018